Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)
Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)
Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)
Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)
Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)

Brembo GP4-MS 100mm Front Calipers (Pair)

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MPN: 220D60010

  • One Piece Monobloc Caliper
  • Solid Aluminum Construction
  • 100mm Spacing
  • Includes Sintered Pads
  • Has Dust Seals, Suitable for Road and Track
  • Nickel Finish

It's likely that no one has ever been so daring: a MotoGP brake caliper available for road bikes! Brembo took up the challenge and at EICMA 2018 premiered its first monobloc caliper machined from solid, as now also available for road use. The GP4-MS caliper is the latest addition to the Brembo range - the world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems - and is destined to become the new high performance benchmark for road bikes.

Designed for track enthusiasts and those who seek something truly innovative from the calipers fitted to their bikes, the Brembo GP4-MS is inspired by the monobloc caliper developed for MotoGP - now available to the general public. Equipped with four 30 mm diameter pistons, the Brembo GP4-MS caliper redefines the rules for road calipers. Its performance comes close to that of the versions used in the most important motorbike competitions in the world, thanks to the combination of all the distinctive features of Brembo calipers used in the MotoGP sector - such as monobloc technology, machining from solid, nickel surface finishing and design with topological optimisation.

The GP4-MS caliper shares the styling of Brembo Racing calipers of the future, with the aim of optimising rigidity and ensuring low weight. Machined from solid Just like Brembo calipers used in MotoGP and Superbike World Championships, the innovative GP4-MS caliper - for bikes with 100mm centres - is manufactured from aluminium machined from a solid block.

Compared to braking components manufactured by casting, machining from solid allows the use of materials with better mechanical characteristics, greater resistance to high temperatures and, consequently, improvements to the performance of the entire braking system. Monobloc Unlike models in the previous GP4 range, the Brembo GP4-MS combines machining from solid with monobloc technology, i.e. the use of a single block of aluminium – offering a new design choice for motorcycle calipers in road applications.


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