Zeta Racing Titanium Rear Axle-S1000RR/HP4

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MPN: ZT61-6201

Please Note: this is for the rear axle ONLY.


The specific gravity of Ti-6AL-4V is about 4.4. This is about 56 % with respect to the specific gravity of 7.8 of stock axle shaft using iron( SS400 ) and carbon steel ( S45C ), or chromium molybdenum steel shaft ( SCM440 ). This means that if you manufacture the axle shaft in the same mass, 64 titanium will be able to produce about 44 % reduction. The reduced weight of the axle shaft also reduces the unsprung weight and corner approaches will improve the handling and stability. In addition, the reduction of unsprung weight will not only improve the movement of the suspension, but also improve brake performance.


Strength of Ti - 6A L- 4V is comparable to chromium molybdenum steel ( SCM435 ) 900 - 930 Mpa. With the higher strength axle shaft, you will be able to feel more road surface information more directly. You will be able to sense the differences in road surface that could not be felt until now.